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Heal. Expand Your Consciousness. Enjoy Life.

Receive thought-provoking insights to help you expand your mind (you will learn about spirituality, plant medicine, and human potential). Join the Inner Flight Letter.


Become your best self

Transform yourself through self-discovery and personal growth.

The 7 Days Retreat details
Transform yourself through self-discovery and personal growth with plant medicine. Led by experienced Shipibo-Konibo Peruvian healers, our retreat on the Costa Rican Caribbean beach will help you release limiting beliefs, fears, and past traumas.
The Shipibo Healers & Team
Maestro Francisco and Maestra Tessy, traditional healers from Peru’s Amazonian Shipibo-Conibo culture, lead our team. 
Join the Retreat
Heal your trauma, train your mind, and access unlimited creativity for your life, all in one week, customized treatment at the Caribean Beach in Costa Rica.
Healing post breast cancer surgery
A previous surgery left me with some pain and a lot of scar tissue, and our first Ayahuasca ceremony melted that away from my body. 
"My time at Inner Flight Retreat was healing and transformative beyond my wildest dreams. The medicine took me to some of my deepest wounds and allowed me to heal them while being held, witnessed, and loved by our community. Since coming home, I’ve experienced the transformation in action."
Samira G.​
Retreat Participant
"I came because I was battling breast cancer, and I came actually for my mental and emotional healing, but I received so much more than that. A previous surgery left me with some pain and a lot of scar tissue, and our first Ayahuasca ceremony melted that away from my body. My breast is now soft and the pain is gone."
Danielle M.
Retreat Participant
“After doing Kambo and Ayahuasca at Inner Flight, I felt freer and more alive. I felt less angry and less agitated, and the pain disappeared. The retreat is genuine; they are real healers and know precisely what they are doing. Francisco, it’s an authentic shaman I felt happy being around him. Ayahuasca, it’s amazing."
Arshia A.
Retreat Participant


Bring home sacred practices

Create your own practice for energetic, emotional and mental cleansing.

Hapè Medicine
An Amazonian medicine that aids depression and anxiety boosts creativity, opens the third eye, and decalcifies the pineal gland.
Hapè Applicators
You can have a sacred Hapè practice alone at home, combined with your meditation, or you can share it with your community.
Sananga Drops
A potent Amazonian eye drops medicine that cleanses and energizes the body, enhances visual perception, and relieves physical and emotional ailments. 
Shipibo Crafts
The Shipibo crafts are handmade by skilled artisans from the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. Create your own Altar and wear protection jewelry.


Explore your curiosity

Deep dives on plant medicine, inner work, human potential, healing & lifestyle design.

What is Shadow Work
Shadow work allows you to delve deep into your psyche and transform your innermost self. Your fears, insecurities, and unacknowledged emotions are the keys to unlocking your true potential.
10 Signs you need Shadow Work

Are you stuck in your current situation without any clear path forward? These signs suggest it is time to focus on Shadow Work.

How is an Ayahuasca Ceremony

The brain waves change their frequency between 15 and 50 minutes after ingesting Ayahuasca. As a result, the consciousness expands.

How to work with Hapè
Hapé helps to open the energy channels (chakras), decalcify the pineal gland, and to strengthen the connection with the spiritual world.
Ayahuasca Benefits

Plant medicine can change your behavior in a way that you can embody a higher version of yourself.

Life after Ayahuasca

I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for years and I wanted to heal. This was my main reason to take part in this retreat.

Who are we?

Happy people in love with life.

Hi, we are Alexandra and Roberto T.

We are the founders of Inner Flight Retreat and apprentices of the Shipibo tradition.

People come to us for clarity on finding the root of their life problems and identifying their blind spots to live a freer, happier, and more fulfilled life. 

We work closely with the Shipibo tribe and train in the Amazon jungle with them every year. We have experienced significant transformations ourselves with plant medicines. At Inner Flight Retreat, we offer a personalized one-week retreat with all the necessary systems to transform your life. We also provide collective help and guidance through our YouTube channel & our Inner Flight Letter.