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Enjoy the comfort of a modern retreat designed to maximize your peace, connection to nature and to your deeper self.

Did you hear the call of healing?

We called you with all our heart. Pachamama called you to cleanse and heal yourself, because you are ready!
 You are ready to leave behind everything that prevents you from growing and embodying the powerful self that you are; your Divine Essence. There is nothing stronger than the Great Spirit . We witness miracles every day, thanks to Mother Nature’s gifts and her benevolent spirits.

Following Retreats

17th – 25th February
20th – 27th June 
14th – 20th November
the picture has the purpose of making it easy to see all the activities in the program
8 Days Retreat | Ayahuasca | Kambo | Temazcal | Rapè | Cacao 

Inner Flight Retreat is a healing, centering, nourishing retreat journey. Our intention of this retreat is to guide participants to a clearer understanding of who they are and what they need to expand further on their journey, empowered, supported and activated in their powers and abilities.

Through Inner Flight Retreat we will share practices, ceremonies and activities designed specifically for deeper understanding ourselves and bringing more balance to our lives with the help and guidance of Mother Nature. 

Rapé Ceremony Webinar

Are you starting your Sacred Rapè journey? Do you want to dive deep into exploring this healing practice? Or you feel called to step into the role of medicine man | woman, and serve the medicine to your community?  This is perfect for you!

This is a Rapé Ceremony Webinar where you will learn abundant info and techniques about Rapé Medicine ( What is Rapè, How to Self-Administer, Serving Rapé to a Friend, Rapé Safety Tips and more!)

To give a visual representation of the combation of the plants.
What is Ayahuasca?

      The traditional use of Ayahuasca, allows the expansion of consciousness. As a result, we access to deeper connections with the spiritual world and our inner world. Therefore, the guidance and high vibration energies are received in our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. Such as love, forgiveness, patience, freedom, compassion, strength, trust and healing.
      The Ayahuasca that is served at the Inner Flight Retreat, comes from the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Precisely from a town called ‘San Francisco’ in Pucallpa. This place is an important community of the Shipibo-Conibo ethnic group. 
Kambo, reseting the immune system

Kambo is one of the strongest, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances on the planet. Kambo aka “Vaccine of the Forest” is a natural medicine for healing the mind, body, and soul. Kambo cleanses the body of negative physical and emotional energies. Such blockages can manifest through stress, physical ailments, psychological issues, low energy, chronic disease, drug addiction, burn-out, viral, fungal, bacterial, and environmental factors.

Costa Rica is an Enegry Vortex
Costa Rica  is an Energy Vortex An energy vortex is a specific location on Earth, which acts as a swirling center of energy, containing more earthly energy than any normal place would. One common belief in regard to energy vortexes is that they exist at the intersections of key lines or the lines of natural energy that make up the Earth’s electromagnetic field. The fact that Costa Rica  is an Energy Vortex, creates a very potent ecosystem for immense life shifts and transformations. The high energy that this land have, amplifies all the experiences here.

Our Team

“If you plan to immerse yourself in your healing…
Our team of loving and compassionate shamans and facilitators invites you to our jungle sanctuary for a transformative experience of connection with yourself and Mother Earth”


“Sandra and Robert created a beautiful space for us to come together to heal, to be witnessed and heard as we step forth into our journey of self. The grounds we were on were rich with jungle animals as well as the sounds of the ocean just a couple minutes away. The Shamans that came were a father / daughter duo that not only were strong but also funny and fun to hang out with outside of ceremony.

 I felt safe and held by the divine masculine and feminine energies that had woven this experience together. I felt welcomed, heard, and loved as I came together with my Inner Flight family. In love we trust.”

 ~ Katlin

Your infinite potential

The infinite Source Frequency is what is looking through your eyes. You are here on Earth to remember your Divine Self and  honor yourself . When you honor and love yourself, you honor and love Source Infinite Universe and the Earth Family.

You have the ability to change your life completely. There is immense Divine help always available. 

This support is all around you already. Mother Earth, your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self. 

We have the ability to activate each other, because we are a family and we are one. One Source Energy appearing as separate beings. But ONE.

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