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Healing + Reconnection + Freedom

It is your moment to heal and reconnect with yourself. It is time for you to walk in freedom.

Retreat Overview


Have you gone through traumas that make you feel trapped in pain, sadness, anguish, stress, addictions, illness and lack of purpose for your life?  If so, healing is calling you.

We have designed the best, ancestral indigenous medicines experience, to help you to discover your true power.

Next Retreat 15~22 Jan 2023 (7 nights)


First Class Resort Accommodation (7 Nights)
The Comfort of a Classic Retreat with Modern Amenities
All-Inclusive Internationally Inspired Dishes and Authentic Local Cuisine
Airport Shuttle Pick up and Departure
Traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca Ceremonies (3)
Kambo Detox Ceremonies (2)
Cacao Ceremony (1)
Medicinal Flower Baths (2)
Yoga Sessions (2)
1-on-1 Diagnosis with Healers Coaching Sessions (before, during, and after retreat)
Integration Tools & Resources
Waterfall Visit
Music & Dance Night
Shipibo Shamanic Traditional Market

Testimonials From Our Guests


Meet the Sacred Medicines


At the Inner Flight Retreat we have traditional medicines, such as Ayahuasca, Kambó, and more, to help you to remember your true self. To help you to become your best version.

You are ready to embody the powerful self that you are. Allow the Great Spirit and Mother Earth to guide your journey through their powerful and sacred medicines.

Meet the Healers


Our team is led by father and daughter couple: Francisco and Tessy Ventura. They are traditional maestros from the Amazonian Shipibo-Conibo culture of Peru. Their lineage and experience in the use of Ayahuasca and other ancestral medicines allows them to guide and protect people in their healing processes.

The maestros are accompanied by a team of facilitators who are experts in diverse healing techniques. We guarantee you a safe and harmonious space so that you can expand your consciousness and be reborn in the light.

Founders story


Both of us came from challenging backgrounds with intense life experiences. However, we were gifted with a new perspective on life at one point. With the assistance of sacred medicines, such as Ayahuasca and Kambó, we have experienced significant life transformations.

As founders of the Inner Flight Retreat, we have created a program for people like you who want to experience deep healing, empowerment, joy, and reconnection to a meaningful life.

Rapè Medicine


Discover the ancient shamanic healing practice with powdered medicinal herbs, blown up your nose. Learn tips, on how to properly consume & share Rapé Snuff Medicine.

It is a sacred, deeply healing, powerful, cleansing, and miraculous medicine that is produced by a very sacred and labor-intensive process from a variety of Amazonian medicinal plants, seeds, trees, leaves and other sacred ingredients by indigenous tribes from different South American countries – especially Brazil and Peru.