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The Inner Flight Retreat Policy

We reserve the right to change these rules and policies at any time if deemed necessary.

It is your responsibility to fully understand the terms and conditions for our retreat.

1. To be able to reserve a spot in our retreat, you have to deposit 50% of the full registration price, via online payment.

2. The rest of the payment will be made in the last 30 days prior retreat.

3. In case of cancellation within 24 hours of booking, we will refund your deposit, less transaction and administrative fees(250$).

4. In case of cancellation, we will not refund your deposit unless the cancellation is due to a medical issue found during the intake screening process. (A medical situation that would be considered risky in the context of an Ayahuasca ceremony)

5. Cancellation within 48 hours before the retreat start day or not being present will be charged with the full retreat price.

6. Your deposit can be transferred to another date or another person(friend, family member, etc), by your notice time, in the following manner:

*If you give notice within 2 to 4 weeks before the retreat start date, you may transfer 80% of your deposit.

*If you give notice within less than 2 weeks to 2 days before the retreat start date, you may transfer 60% of your deposit.

7. You can only use your deposit for a later retreat or to pay for a new guest’s deposit, not to pay off another’s guest balance.

8. Your deposit is transferable if you wish to reschedule for any retreat within one year of your cancellation, except for retreats canceled by us due to coronavirus situations.

9. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All retreat participants are required to purchase flight and travel insurance to cover all contingencies and nonrefundable expenses. In the case of a flight or retreat cancellation due to any unexpected reasons, deposits are nonrefundable but transferable to another date.

10. If you decide to register at the last minute while you’re already in Costa Rica, you should make the full payment before your retreat commences.

11. Once you have confirmed or upgraded the accommodation you want, you can no longer downgrade your decision.

12. In the event that a guest departs from the retreat center prior to the completion of their reserved stay, there will be no refunds, either in full or in part. The departing guest is responsible for arranging their own transportation back to the city.

13. In the event of flight or retreat cancellations caused by the coronavirus, deposited funds are nonrefundable but can be applied as personal credit for a future retreat, without incurring any change fees. Inner Flight Retreat holds no responsibility for travel interruptions arising from coronavirus-related issues and advises the purchase of flight and travel insurance.

14. The rescheduling of the retreat is limited to a single occurrence. However, in the event of severe emergencies, participants are required to reach out to the retreat organizers to initiate a discussion about the potential for rescheduling.

Guest Rules


To ensure the well-being of our guests, facilitate a healing process, and respect everyone’s boundaries, the following rules must be followed by everyone wishing to take part in our retreat:

1.No behavior that puts your own or others’ safety at risk.

2.No disruptive behavior that creates discomfort for our guests before, during, or after the ceremony.

3.No sexual harassment towards staff or any of our guests.

4.No stealing – we aim to create a comfortable, relaxing, family atmosphere where everyone feels safe and secure.

5. No use of substances/drugs of any kind taken or consumed at the retreat center (with the exception of tobacco). 

*You will be sent home without question if you fail to respect the above rules!

*We reserve the right to pick up our guests and to send anyone home at any time if we consider it necessary.

*If one is considered medically unsafe we reserve the right to exclude him\her from the ceremony.

*We do not share any information between or about guests without their consent.