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Hi! We would like to share our healing mission with you. 

We are Sandra and Robert, founders of the Inner Flight Retreat. In our path, we have experienced significant transformations with the assistance of plants medicines, such as Ayahuasca and Kambo. Both of us came from challenging backgrounds with intense life experiences. However, at one point we were gifted with new perspective about life. This has been possible because of experiencing deep healing through plants medicines.

It is immense the respect and gratitude that we feel for plants medicines. Thus, humbled, we have created a program for others seeking to receive a glimpse into the Greater Truth.

Healing Proposal: Inner Flight Retreat

The Inner Flight Retreat offers a 7-day retreat with powerful medicines.

In this retreat, you will feel the energy of Ayahuasca, Kambo, Rapé, Cacao, Temazcal and more holistic therapies. In addition, we have selected a sanctuary of medicinal plants and holistic therapies to provide the best possible experience. This sanctuary is a safe and peaceful environment, that promotes healing and deep activation during your stay. In other words, this retreat is done in a harmonizing environment and in direct contact with nature. The main protagonist and with whom we all need to reconnect.

Since Mother Nature provide us with her loving guidance, we have created different natural habitats to attract wildlife and preserve it.

To maximize your healing, we offer a variety of additional therapies. Some of them are Kambo and Cacao ceremonies, Sound healing sessions, Breath work, Guided Meditation and Holistic Treatments. For us, it is an immense source of joy and gratitude to walk by your side in your journey of expansion and deep healing!

As mentioned above, we have experienced the profound wisdom of plants medicines. Thus, we have made it our healing mission to bring this awareness to our Earth siblings. Let’s share this soul journey and jump together into expansion and growth.