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Our Team

The Inner Flight Team

This retreat journey to self-discovery through plant medicines is guided by a loving team of experienced Shipibo-Conibo Master Healers and Western facilitators. Each of them has embarked on their path of healing and expansion of consciousness.

Our Healers
Maestro Francisco
Shipibo-Conibo Master Healer
Inner Flight Retreat - shipibo
Maestro Francisco is a member of the Shipibo-Conibo nation, whose ancestors worked with Ayahuasca and other traditional methods. 

As a result, he inherited the legacy of Shipibo-Conibo traditional knowledge, allowing him to use sacred plants for healing, protection, and empowerment.


With 36 years of experience in traditional medicinal plant practices and 24 years of sharing Ayahuasca ceremonies, Maestro Francisco has traveled inside Peru and abroad to share his knowledge. 

He began his healing journey when he was 22 years old and currently holds the rank of “Onanya” of the “Meraya” lineage within the traditional medical hierarchical denomination.

In addition to being a shamanic trainer, Maestro Francisco is also the director of the ONI NAI Spiritual Center in Pucallpa, Peru. His mission is to help people heal holistically.

Maestra Tessy
Shipibo-Conibo Master Healer
Inner Flight Retreat - shipibo
Inner Flight Retreat - shipibo
Maestra Tessy has been working with plant medicine for over 12 years. She started her path when she was 15 years old. 
Currently, Maestra Tessy works alongside her father, Maestro Francisco. Furthermore, she is a powerful Onanya (Shipibo word for ayahuasca healer, or “one who has wisdom”). 
Her Shipibo name is “Kestenrama” which translates to “Sacred medicinal song called ícaro”
Together, Maestra Tessy and Maestro Francisco provide deep and incredible plant medicine work. This work is rooted in an open heart and unconditional love.
At Inner Flight Retreat, we are grateful for their wisdom, beautiful friendship, and the incredible beauty of their ícaros.
Support Team
Alexandra Tentiu
Founding Partner, Shipibo-Conibo Apprentice, Ayahuasca & Kambo Facilitator

Alexandra is a Shipibo-Conibo Apprentice and Co-Founder of Inner Flight Retreat in Costa Rica. Her profound healing journey led her to embrace the blessings of Mother Earth and discover her true purpose through the transformative power of plant medicine.

With a deep commitment to serving others, Alexandra and her husband established Inner Flight Retreat, a sanctuary where they collaborate closely with Shipibo-Conibo maestros. Under the expert guidance of Maestro Francisco and Maestra Tessy, Alexandra underwent extensive training in the Amazon jungle.

Embracing her Shipibo name, “Pekon Rama,” which signifies “Warrior of the Present Moment,” Alexandra combines her expertise as a personal development and plant medicine coach. With compassion and wisdom, she guides individuals on their own journeys of self-discovery, inner transformation, and spiritual growth.

Roberto Tentiu
Founding Partner, Shipibo-Conibo Apprentice, Ayahuasca & Kambo Facilitator

Roberto is a passionate advocate for healing and the transformative power of sacred Plant Medicine. His training under the esteemed Maestro Francisco and Maestra Tessy in the Amazon jungle of Peru has granted him profound insights and the blessings of the Master Plants.

Bestowed with the Shipibo name “Pekon Bari,” meaning “Warrior Of The Sun,” Roberto carries the radiant energy of his purpose. As a retreat and plant medicine ceremony facilitator, he works alongside his wife, Alexandra, guiding transformative Ayahuasca and Kambo Ceremonies.

With deep reverence and knowledge, Roberto combines his expertise as a personal development and plant medicine coach. His dedication to the healing arts enables him to compassionately support individuals on their healing journeys, facilitating inner growth, self-discovery, and spiritual transformation.

Roberto’s commitment to creating sacred spaces and his nurturing presence create a safe and transformative environment for those seeking profound healing, personal empowerment, and a deeper connection with themselves and the natural world.

Adrian Escobar
Shipibo-Conibo Apprentice, Storyteller, Emotional Coach
Inner Flight Retreat - shipibo

Adrian’s healing and expansion journey has led him to explore and seek reconnection with his true essence to live a purposeful and honest life. 

While learning from medicinal plants and ancient native wisdom, Adrian has developed a strong sense of love, respect, and gratitude towards Mother Earth, the Great Spirit’s creation. 

During his journey, he has identified that conscious breathing is fundamental medicine. 

Hence, he is developing his skillset as a trauma informed coach, to heal himself and help others heal deeply.