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Kambo Testimonials

Derya Azizian

Thank you so much Sandra & Robert for the powerful Kambo medicine Ceremony. It was my first time experiencing this medicine, and I am already so excited to do it again shortly soon. I had an out-of-body experience while in the ceremony as I felt my body, mind, & spirit surrender to the medicine. I felt so much anxiety going into the ceremony, and I felt this all being healed & released during our sacred space. 
After the ceremony, I felt so strong, and powerful, and could feel my body & energy being revitalized; giving my immune system, mental health, and spiritual energy, a complete reset. This was transformational for me & I am so grateful to you both for holding a very trusting & loving sacred space. 
Viva Kambo!


“This was my second Kambo ceremony with Sandra and Robi. I want to express my deepest gratitude for these two beautiful souls and their energy. Thank you for holding such a sacred and safe space for me to be completely vulnerable during this process. I had a very powerful experience and received very valuable information about what I was purging and releasing.

 It helped me see deeper truths about myself and how I can keep evolving on my healing journey. I truly honor this medicine and the spirit of Kambo for its healing abilities and intelligence.
With Love, Nikolaj”

Jessica Torres

“My kambo experience was INCREDIBLE. Prior to my private ceremony I heard all sorts of things about the pain and purging. I was ready for anything. Sandra and Robi came to my house early in the morning and I felt so safe in their energy. I felt calm and protected. I trusted them. 

Once the medicine was applied I felt that rush of my heartbeat and then….lost consciousness and entered white light. I felt this unwavering sense of emptiness but full of peace. After the medicine wore off I awoken to Sandra, Robi, and my partner holding space for me. I felt cleansed on a whole nother level. The experience was way more peaceful and profound than what I was told it would be. 
I was thoroughly satisfied. Sandra and Robi really created a safe space for me to journey with the medicine and have my experience. I’m so glad I followed my feeling and chose them for my first experience! Thank you so much. Love love love.”
Kambo Testimonials

Kory Peterson

“I kept fasting after the ceremony until 3pm and felt super present and sleepy. Slept great and feel very grounded the next day. At peace and unattached to the future just like I intended.
Viva Kambo! “


” The Frog Priestess 
See the red frog. There. Right there. That’s the one that secretes the poison the hunters dip the tips of their arrows in”… So she said. And so I believed her. Just hours before, I was a frog under her spell myself, bug-eyed and puking in a blue bucket on the beach. Confused, bruised, and tattooed, I’d watched the Romanian Frog Priestess with conviction and precision, burn into my calf, each side “7 gates” to connect with trust, and the divine. A “sun” on the right represents the father and masculine in me. A “moon” on the left to honor the mother and feminine, plus 3 “stars” above it for my daughters. 
“Ports to the divine” is what she called them, then with a small wooden spatula-like tool applied the frog venom to said “ports” she’d just burnt through. How had I gotten here? I asked. Why wasn’t I flinching in the least? What kind of beast had I become? I remembered back to age 4. The frog puddle is where it all began. I’d killed them all, with a stick, with my baby sis. My dad beat me for it. My mom watched on. All love for God or anything in me good and holy was gone, my innocence lost in that moment.
The day before I told Kay and Bruno abruptly that I had to leave, that I needed the beach and the sea, and I did. And I did. But they saw deeper under it and supported me. Like a madman, I rode from the volcano. Then across the wasteland of road construction, full of dust between San Jose and Limon… she was calling me home, the Frog Priestess, to Father Kambo, to close a karmic loop.

Like 100-proof, I felt the lymphatic rush as the Kambo venom flowed through my veins, and felt my throat close up. I felt the sweat pouring like cayenne through every pore. I stayed half up, propped. I watched her, Frog Priestess in snake-like dance, her hands above her head, with a click-click-click of her fingers, chant, calling Father Kambo to me. It was a date with destiny. Drink water she said. Drink water she said again. I kept forgetting.
“Show yourself”, Dad in Heaven. “Show yourself to me”. “Fucking show yourself”. “Step into the ring”, is what was going on in me. And I glanced up, through palm leaves on the beach, and in that instance, the clouds parted and Father Sun bore down on me, and I grew strong. Why I’d come. “I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. I didn’t know”. I became both Benji, age 4, and Benjamin, forty years past. Mad, sad, taking on my karma at last, on Cahuita beach. I left it all there.
I hurled a half-bucketful. (I hadn’t followed the fasting protocol to a tee. That morning I was hunting coconuts with a machete and drinking milk and eating pulp). And then I hurled again. And then a separate peace set in. Everything went blue and then went white. I went “into the light” so they say. And I came to, slowly, as of Shavasana to Love’s grace… “Welcome back,” she said. “Welcome here”…
I said “thank you for taking care of me”… I shared the story of Benji the frog killer with her, and her partner Roberto. He admitted for the first time, even to her, that growing up his nickname was La Rana (the Frog). And they forgave me with both mother and fatherly and froggily love. My karma was done.
And I was released. On Cahuita beach.
My karma was done. Only Love from then on out. True story.”
Kambo Testimonials

Aumeyerie Dey

” Enjoyed so much my Kambo Ceremony with Sandra and her partner.
They were so centered and caring and held amazing space for my process they are very knowledgeable and full of integrity in their work. The space that was used for a quiet and beautiful beach was perfect. 

The space that was used for a quiet and beautiful beach was perfect.
Will be sitting with them again. Thank you”


” Thank you Sandra for a beautiful and sacred Kambo Ceremony. Your energy is soothing and your care for me during my journey was so gentle and genuine. Your connection with the frog is powerful, I could feel the spirit of the frog assisting us during my ceremony.

 I will continue to recommend you & Robbie to anyone who is called to journey with Kambo medicine. Thank you for sharing your healing powers with the world. We honor you. Aho

With Love & gratitude”
Kambo Testimonials


“My experience with Kambo was super amazing. 
It was my first ceremony and I was welcomed by the 2 most beautiful souls connected with them and felt so safe being under their watch. We spoke to the spirit of Kambo and I stayed true to my intentions during the meditation. The experience physically purged my body, which didn’t last too long after the medicine was removed,  I laid down and my heart just felt completely open to everything, I felt like a child and was going through some old emotions and thoughts that were obviously on my mind. They looked after me and I felt so safe in their presence. 
The rest of the day I  felt pure love coming out of myself and so connected with everything. The following days after I continue to bring up old thoughts and emotions and deal with them in different ways than I have before,  I can feel the presence of Kambo guiding me to deal with this stuff and I feel amazing doing it. It has changed my relationship with food and I can feel that it’s still working for me. 

Profound experience that I will never forget. Thank you, Kambo.”
Kambo Testimonials