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Safety Considerations Regarding Ayahuasca

Inner Flight Retreat prioritizes the safety and well-being of participants in their Ayahuasca ceremonies. They perform a comprehensive medical screening to assess potential risks, including physical and psychological conditions. 

Ayahuasca has benefits for psychological well-being, but can also be harmful to individuals with certain mental health conditions. Participants must be screened to avoid negative reactions. 

They also follow an ayahuasca diet and avoid taking prescription or herbal supplements that could interact negatively with ayahuasca’s MAOIs. 

Inner Flight Retreat believes in the transformative power of Ayahuasca but also promotes safety and responsibility. 

Our main goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to explore the healing potential of this plant medicine.


Although Ayahuasca is known for its beneficial psychological effects, it’s crucial to remember that people with certain psychological conditions, such as schizophrenia or psychosis, may experience negative effects. 

Hence, those individuals should avoid ayahuasca therapy. Additionally, those with a history of suicidal ideation or dis-associative episodes require extra caution.


Individuals with high blood pressure, cardiac disease, or advanced liver disease should exercise caution before consuming Ayahuasca. 

Ayahuasca has been shown to raise blood pressure and may cause complications for those with pre-existing heart conditions. 

Moreover, due to the liver’s role in processing ayahuasca, individuals with advanced liver disease may experience additional stress on their liver function. 

It is recommended that individuals with these conditions consult their healthcare provider before consuming ayahuasca.

Mental Health History:

To ensure safe and effective treatment, it’s crucial to share complete and accurate information about any previous or existing mental health conditions, regardless of medication use, with the practitioner.

Safety Considerations Regarding Kambo
To use Kambo safely and effectively, one must maintain reverence and accountability.
Providing a complete and transparent health history, including any supplements, drugs, plants, or substances consumed within two weeks of treatment, is essential.
To address any concerns about the treatment process, it is highly recommended to schedule a consultation.
People with any of the following are not recommended for treatment:
  • Pregnancy or chance of being pregnant
  • Drug consumption within two weeks before or after treatment (including MDMA, MDA, ecstasy, molly, heroin, ketamine, and party drugs)
  • If you are menstruating at the time of treatment, Kambo may cause the flow to increase.
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Chemotherapy or have had radiation treatments within six weeks before or after Kambo treatment.
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Seriously low or high blood pressure that requires medication
  • If you have a chronic illness, please get in touch with us beforehand to plan out the best path for you. This medicine will likely greatly support you.

Have you had any of the following (current or past):

  • Serious heart problems, heart disease, bypass, or enlarged heart
  • Organ Transplant, stem cell
  • Serious mental health imbalance – please discuss with us if you are in question
  • Stroke
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Aneurism or blood clots, or medication for varicose veins
  • Addison’s Disease, kidney or liver disease
  • Epilepsy