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Inner Flight Retreat was a retreat of trust, surrendering to the flow, freedom and fun. Facilitated by Sandra and Robert who greeted us with open arms and hearts. These two are a beautiful union of the divine masculine and feminine coming together to create a space for you to open, step forth, and heal. The week was opened with a beautiful Cacao Ceremony where they poured love and gratitude into every chop, stir, second of the making of the Cacao and the space we sat in. We shared our intentions; what we wanted to step forth into, and what we wanted to release. We shared tears and laughter and opened our hearts to one another as the blue morpho butterfly appeared fluttering around our circle.
            Sandra had us get into small groups for a couple early morning Kambo ceremonies. Where she shared and provided us with Hape to open our channels before ceremony. She was so gentle with us as she opened our gates and prepared us for Kambo. During this session she chanted calling in the spirit of Kambo, held our heads up if we needed help and reminded us to sit strong. She created such a beautiful space for us maintaining the strength of the circle as the vail became thin and we fell faint, bowing down to Kambo and purging. The second session the next day was with both her and Robert. Robert provided us with Hape as well as the opening of our gates and applying the medicine. It had a more masculine energy behind it all and it was so beautiful. It was strong and loving energy. It was so nourishing to have the day before feminine energy and this session masculine, feeling balanced and held by both.  
       When we were not gathered for ceremonies, tours, sound healing, anything that was on “schedule” we would roam the grounds together. We would sit in hammocks listening, talking and growing with one another or taking an adventure to the beach. The walk to the beach was always nice filled with laughter, us singing and being goofy and spotting cool critters along the way. Our time in Costa was amazing the ocean was not calm and clear but churned up and tossing like a washing machine. A washing machine, thats exactly what she would do for us. She would toss us around on the shore, let us body surf her waves, wash ourselves clean after ceremony and rejuvenate us. We looked like a bunch or kids playing in the ocean and on the shore. 

       Ayahuasca or as we would say Ayawaashhhhhhca ceremony. It would start with Sandra and Robert creating a space for us to gather. They would create a circle of beds for us that we would then lay around in and sing and dance like a big slumber party before the Shamans would arrive. Our group was fun, loving, and light hearted. The Shamans were another amazing unity of the masculine and feminine. This time coming through in the form of father/ daughter, elder and the passing of a teaching to a new generation. They would create a container for us setting boundaries and a safe space for us to journey through. Francisco and his daughter Tessy were Maestro and Maestra, yes the conductors of this space. 

Their songs and music would enchant us as we traveled through the depths of ourself. We were able to be vulnerable, to feel, to cry, to talk, to do whatever we needed to do to move through and take another step into the journey of ourself. Sandra and Robert held us in such a special way as facilitators. They not only took their own journeys moving through their own work but they also were there for us as well. They held me, encouraged me, heard me, and saw me. I was able to receive and to begin my healing journey. Feeling safe and held braided with the divine masculine and feminine. They even shared their unity with us on last day of ceremony mirroring to us the beauty of love, growth, trust. I will forever cherish the bonds created in Costa Rica with Source, Pachamama, Sandra, Robert, and all the healers that came together to heal. I see you, i hear you, i feel you, i cherish you, let us work together. In love we trust.