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Testimonials from Our Guests
Danielle M.
“I came because I was battling breast cancer, and I came actually for my mental and emotional healing, but I received so much more than that. A previous surgery left me with some pain and a lot of scar tissue, and our first Ayahuasca ceremony melted that away from my body. My breast is now soft and the pain is gone. I am so grateful. Thank you so much Inner Flight Retreat.” – Danielle M.
Samira G.
“My time at Inner Flight Retreat was healing and transformative beyond my wildest dreams. The medicine took me to some of my deepest wounds and allowed me to heal them while being held, witnessed, and loved by our community. Since coming home, I’ve had the opportunity to really experience the transformation in action.” – Samira G.
Kim C.
“I am a medicine woman and have been for about 30 years. The divine timing of finding Sandra and Robert at Inner Fight worked for me. I`ve experienced the depth of my heart, the depth of humanity. It’s been the most uplifting pure love, light vibration being here.” – Kim C.
Katlin T.
“I am grateful to have been called to the Inner Flight Retreat. The space here is gorgeous, nature is alive and the facilitators are so strong, warm, and loving. Here I found community, I found that my pain can be healed, that beauty and love are possible, and that I don`t have to heal alone..” – Katlin T.
Katie B.
Iris K.
“Ayahuasca has a way of working with you long before ingested, so miracles occurred before our retreat, and you know that is the medicine. Every aspect of the Inner Flight Retreat was healing, the people, the grounds, and the wholesome and nutritious food. The entire experience felt like what I envision New Earth to be. – Melissa R.”
“After doing Kambo and Ayahuasca at Inner Flight, I felt freer and more alive. I felt less angry and less agitated, and the pain disappeared.” – Arshia A
“The retreat is super genuine; they are real healers and know precisely what they are doing. Francisco, it’s an authentic shaman, a really good vibration. I felt happy being around him. Ayahuasca, it’s amazing.” -Ash
The Inner Flight team is an extraordinary collection of human beings who are highly dedicated, motivated, skilled, and trained to hold an perfect container for anyone who wants to work with the Plant Medicines in a respectful & honorable manner. “-Catherine May
Bates Wilson

” Spending most of my adult life as a New Yorker, being cynical is par for the course. I don’t usually gush over an experience or group of people but I can say without reservation that this group is special. Finding a home is a challenging thing. Many of us spend most of our lives seeking a place where we feel loved, seen, in a way that mirrors a healthy family. The week spent with the Inner Flight team is the closest thing I’ve felt to that ideal. 

It was a challenge from the start. Through a series of coincidences, communications with random friends and acquaintances, the subject of Ayahuasca continued to come up. After a little internet investigation it was clear that I wanted to work with this mythic plant medicine, explore a deeper truth.

There’s a lot of hype out there and finding a safe place to take the leap is tough. After contacting a dozen or so retreats in Central and South American things didn’t feel promising. Many had shut down due to covid or projected a very Western, corporate mentality, “slick” in a way that felt compromised. That’s when a friend and fellow seeker stumbled onto Inner Flight.As life changing events go, the journey was challenging. Coming from New Mexico I had to put my civilian life on hold, deal with cancelled flights, mudslides, dog sitters. The first steps felt overwhelming.

All of that changed when the shuttle dropped me off at the gates of the Inner Flight retreat. Nestled in the hills of Costa Rica overlooking the Caribbean, the grounds were incredible, beautiful in a way that set the tone for the ceremonies. 
Won’t go into the details of the ceremonies but will say I can’t imagine a better group of people to take the dive with. Each member of the inner flight crew was tuned in, compassionate and highly trained. Their passion was contagious allowing us to trust the medicine, surrender to it’s wisdom. 

This is a very short plug for a very powerful experience. Spending most of my adult life as a New Yorker, being cynical is par for the course. I don’t usually gush over an experience or group of people but I can say without reservation that this group is special. If you’re on the fence about taking this kind of deep, internal journey, this kinda thing might not be for you. If, like myself, you know this is the path, then I can’t imagine finding a better group of guides or fellow travelers than the Inner Flight angels.”