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What is Rapé

While Rapé is often made of several Amazonian plants, the core of most rapé snuffs is the tobacco species Nicotiana rustica. This Amazonian tobacco, also known as mapacho, is used extensively in tribal rituals and is much stronger than N. tabacum, the type of tobacco found in cigarettes.
In addition to tobacco, rapé usually includes the alkaline ashes of other plants such as cinnamon, tonka bean, clover, banana peel, or mint, but many shamans keep the exact ingredients of their particular rapé a secret. 
It is a sacred, deeply healing, powerful, cleansing, and miraculous medicine that is produced by a very sacred and labor-intensive process from a variety of Amazonian medicinal plants, seeds, trees, leaves and other sacred ingredients by indigenous tribes from different South American countries – especially Brazil and Peru.
Traditionally, Rapé is applied using a tool made of wood, bamboo or bone, from which it is blown gradually into both nostrils. Rapé can be applied to itself using a V-shaped tool named Kuripe: one end of which is inserted into the mouth and the other end into the nostril.
The Rapé  is not snorted because it does not make the same path in the brain, nor does it decalcify the pineal gland in that way, therefore, it is essential to have the applicators also with the right disposition, time and place for it.
General Rapè Effects:
Open all your chakras
Opens the third eye
Decalcifies the pineal gland
Removes negative energy forms
Enhances your connection with Great Spirit
Removes mental confusion
Releases stagnant energy
Releases negative thought
Set & Setting: How to take Rapè
Every medicinal plant is considered by indigenous tribes as a sacrament and as a prayer or intention. We recommend to use this sacred medicine, Rapé, in an environment that is honoring the plant for its teaching and healing abilities. Incense, crystals, tribal music, and nature, create a perfect space for a meditational and reflective rapé use. 
Also, it is very essential to aim your mind and prepare an intention before embracing Rapé; sit in silence and aim your mind before you get started. This intention can be focused on insights, physical healing, energetic healing, or anything that necessitates healing or clarity in your life. Once you found an intention, ask the universe or the spirit world to help you through that process.