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Rapé is a sacred shamanic  medicine from the Amazon, whose name the Amazon tribes pronounce as “hape”.
It is a sacred, deeply healing, powerful, cleansing, and miraculous medicine that is produced by a very sacred and labor-intensive process from a variety of Amazonian medicinal plants, seeds, trees, leaves and other sacred ingredients by indigenous tribes from different South American countries – especially Brazil and Peru.

Traditionally, Rapé is applied using a tool made of wood, bamboo or bone, from which it is blown gradually into both nostrils. Rapé can be applied to itself using a V-shaped tool named Kuripe: one end of which is inserted into the mouth and the other end into the nostril.
The Rapé  is not snorted because it does not make the same path in the brain, nor does it decalcify the pineal gland in that way, therefore, it is essential to have the applicators also with the right disposition, time and place for it.
Administered by another person:
Rapé may be administered by another person using a Tepi: one end of which is inserted into one’s mouth and the other end inserted into the other’s nostril.

Self administration:
For beginners, it is recommended to apply Rapé in an amount appropriate to the pea size (50% of this amount for each nostril), after prolonged use of the same Rapé, the amount can be increased. 
It is also recommended that you apply Rapé in a quiet and sacred space where you will not be disturbed by anyone (it is possible to listen to sacred music), sit upright, either cross-legged or on a chair with your eyes closed. Slow and calm breathing is also important after Rapé administration.
It is important the way you blow, do it with love, to bring peace to your mind and your body. Do not do it to silence the voice of your mind violently, but with openness, disposition and confidence that medicine will do its job.
General Rapé effects:
–  Open all your chakras
–  Opens the third eye
– Decalcifies the pineal gland
– Grounding
– Removes negative entities
– Enhances your connection with the Spirit
– Removes mental confusion
– Releases  illness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
– Releases negative thought

You may experience:
– Sweating
– Vomiting
– Bowel movements 
– Increased saliva
All these are normal reactions when your energy and physical body releases blocked energy, toxins and diseases. It is good to have a bucket, toilet paper and drinking water at hand.

Rapé Self administration