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The healing touch

The healing TOUCH of love/at the heart of touch/keep in touch-keep yourself healthy and happy

Did you know that people who keep in touch are healthier and happier?And I mean literally keeping in touch.Our skin is so deliciously happy when we get touched by the ones we love.This touch of love deeply changes our biochemistry and makes us vibrate with feel-good hormones,it makes us buzz like happy bees.

We crave touch and we need touch to thrive.When we first come to earth, landing in our mothers arms is our right place.Our mother’s arms provide us with warmth and love and make us feel safe and secure.Everyone knows how we sleep better in the arms of someone we love.It has been studied how infants who were bottle fed without being touched,picked up, failed to thrive and how preterm babies who were held on their mother’s chest gained weight much faster than babies held in incubation.

Also, documented statistical evidence shows that presence or absence of touch is a decisive factor in creating a healthy self regulated individual versus a violent one. University of Miami’s School of Medicine Touch Research provides a good body of studies that show how touch helps coping with stress, improves immune function and can bring considerable improvement in cases of depression or autism.This seems obvious when we consider that the most natural way for humans to calm down is by being touched.All of us have experienced the blessings of a hug when we are in distress.It reassures and calms us down immediately. But did you know that Americans get touched about two times an hour while Puerto Ricans engage in casual touch about 180 times an hour?It’s an impressive difference.

Most Western well-developed countries are touch-deprived because we have so many tabboos concerning touch.A father can feel uncomfortable to touch his adolescent daughter and the same is true for a mother’s contact with her teenage son. Unfortunately some even teach mothers not to touch their babies more than necessary so they don’t spoil them. To further support this distance between parents and children we also invented all kinds of devices like playpens and baby seats.It may give mothers free hands but at a cost.Touch is extremely important for healthy development.We know that most aboriginal cultures always keep their babies in close proximity by carrying them in slings or wraps.These babies seem to turn out happier and more confident than the rest. Mindful touch is also a wonderful healing tool.

Sometimes people hold tensions and stress in their body for such a long time that they even forget about them.Their body posture and face show tension and their shoulders tighten.A simple gentle touch can wake up that part of the body and release the tension along with the corresponding feeling.It can make us aware of our body and awake to it’s needs.

Giving yourself a hug and gently stoking your skin are very powerful self-loving affirmations. So,being in touch and keeping in touch are absolutely vital for our well being.Our culture may change but our need for touch stays the same.We need touch as badly as we need air. Get out there, touch people,hug your friends,shake hands with your business partners,kiss your children,give a pat on the back to someone in need and don’t forget to give yourself a strong hug every once in a while!

We’ll keep in touch!