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Sun Moon Healing House

Sun Moon Healing House

Body & Soul Healing

Sun Moon Healing House offers retreat experiences with natural medicine for healing body and soul.
In these retreats, you will experience the healing of  Kambo, Rapé, Cacao, and Sananga. All of these powerful ceremonies are enhanced by Costa Rica’s healing energy and the abundant nature of the Caribbean coast.
Our mission is to serve you and give you exactly what you need. For this we created different packages of healing ceremonies, from which you can choose.

Kambo Ceremony

Detox your body, mind, and soul with Kambo Medicine. Ceremony duration two hours, recovery 30min. It’s recommended to rest all day after the ceremony. Discover more about Kambo here. 

Kambo Treatment

Gift yourself a Deep Detox with Kambo Medicine. This treatment requires you to experience three ceremonies throughout a week or a month. It’s recommended in case of deep traumas, addictions, autoimmune diseases, or to dive deep into your spiritual exploration.


Sun Moon Healing House is a safe and peaceful environment that promotes deep healing during your stay. You will stay in a small comfortable house, surrounded by beautiful nature, in front of the crystal Caribbean beach. 
The house includes:
– Bedroom
– Restroom
– Kitchen
– Terrace
– 100m distance to the beach
$35 /night (short term, up to a week)
$20/night (long term, up to a month

Book Your Retreat

Reach out to create your custom healing experience! It is our honor and joy to have you with us.

Contact us at WhatsApp +04 773 769 788 or