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Kambo Ceremony

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Puerto Viejo & Cahuita, Costa Rica.
Inner Flight is grateful to invite you to Kambo Ceremony
We offer private, couple or group Kambo Ceremonies.
What is Kambo?
“Kambo” is a natural vaccine derived from the waxy secretion on the skin of a tree frog. Philomedusa Bicolor is the scientific name, and it lives in the Amazonian jungle. It is used traditionally by the indigenous of Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, as a medicine for the body and spirit. Kambo provides a powerful physical and energetic cleanse and is considered a master reset within all systems of the recipient.
The Kambo secretion is one of the strongest natural antibiotics found on earth. It is one of the most powerful ways to enhance your immune system. Kambo is a natural medicine for healing the mind, body, and soul. The medicine cleanses the body of negative physical and emotional energies. Such blockages can manifest through stress, physical ailments, chronic disease, drug addiction, burn-out, and viral, fungal, bacterial, and environmental factors. 
Kambo is a helper for those with poor health, deep pain, or disease and assists in revitalization and renewal for those in good health. Kambo secretion cultivates human potential and personal evolution. With Kambo, the organs of the body, the endocrine system, and the defense systems are awakened returning to their natural balance. Even cancer cells stop growing with a Kambo treatment. Changes occur in the physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional fields of the patient, the feeling is of cleanliness, lightness, tranquility, well-being, inner peace, and deepening of consciousness.
Kambo helps with:
– anxiety, depression, fears, phobias
– addiction
– infection, viruses
– low vibrational energies
– alzheimer’s
– cancer
– lymes
– candida
– diabetes
– immunity
– psoriasis
– infertility, hormonal imbalance
– migraines, chronic pain
– parkinson’s