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Chonta Tépi traditional Shipibo design



A beautiful Rapé applicator handmade from Chonta black wood. The decorations are crafted with traditional Shipibo-Conibo patterns, yellow, purple, and blue beads, Guacamayo feathers, and Wairuro beads.

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About the Chonta Tépi with yellow, purple and blue Shipibo traditional design :

This Chonta Tépi with yellow, purple and blue Shipibo traditional design is handmade in the Shipibo-Conibo community in the vicinity of Pucallpa, Peru. The Tépi is a wooden blowpipe that is used in ceremonies to serve Rapé to another person. The applicator can have different shapes and be made of various materials. It has to be long enough to allow the facilitator to be at the right distance from the taker during the ceremony.



How to use:


Put the desired quantity of Rapé in your palm. With the end of the Tépi, take half of the quantity of Rapé from the palm of your hand. Then meditate on the intention that you have for the Rapé ceremony. Carefully fit the end of the Tépi into the left nostril of the taker. Blow the Rapé then repeat the same process for the right nostril.

Important remarks:

This product it’s intended for people over 18 years of age.
There may be some tonal difference between the image and the actual product due to your monitor’s image processing and color calibration.

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