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Altar Square MEDIUM


Description: Medium size handcrafted square altar with traditional Shipibo designs. It can be used as a wall decoration, altar, etc.

Size: 35cm x 35cm

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The Shipibo-Conibo are an indigenous tribe from the Amazonian rainforest of Peru, along the Ucayali river.
They are still practicing ancient traditions such as Ayahuasca shamanism. They have a very beautiful artistic tradition and the geometric designs that are found in their clothing and traditional textiles are inspired by Ayahuasca and shamanic songs named Icaros. For the Shipibo-Conibo people, the plants of the forests are sentient beings, they perceive and feel things, have the capacity to communicate and the power and wisdom to teach us. Our products come from the San Francisco Shipibo-Conibo community on the Ucayali river, Yarinacocha district.

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