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Plant Medicine

Cacao Spirit
Plant Medicine
Cacao’s scientific name “Theobroma cacao” translates to “food of the Gods”
The Cacao Spirit is a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom. In the spiritual realms is described as a medicine of the Soul. Most indigenous peoples feel the Cacao Spirit is feminine energy and associate her powers with the emotional body and a way to communicate with Spirit. Cacao’s energy is healing, motherly, and very gentle. Mama Cacao speaks to the heart. She holds the vibrations of unconditional love, kindness, and joy, allowing a loving connection with yourself and others.
Cacao has been used as a sacred drink for thousands of years to connect with the Divine. The spirit of Cacao is wise and beautiful and working with it is a powerful catalyst for healing. In a ceremony, cacao is used in an intentional, sacred way and respected as a plant medicine. 
Cacao helps us to journey within, opens our heart, cultivate self-love, reveal patterns, and supports us in our journey to expansion and personal growth.  It is a heart-opening medicine that helps to expand insight, awareness, and unconditional love.
When we connect with the heart’s energy our voice may speak from a place of deeper intelligence carrying vibrations of peace.
Kambo is one of the strongest, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial, and anesthetic substances on the planet.
Kambo aka “Vaccine of the Forest” is a natural medicine for healing the mind, body, and soul. It is extracted from the waxy monkey tree frog. The frogs are unharmed in the process. Amazon tribes use Kambo for hunting and to clear “panema” – the indigenous term for bad luck.
Kambô cleanses the body of negative physical and emotional energies. Such blockages can manifest through stress, physical ailments, psychological issues, low energy, chronic disease, drug addiction, burn-out, viral, fungal, bacterial, and environmental factors. 
Phyllomedusa bicolor is an Amazonian frog and the source of Kambô. Kambô is the dried secretion from the frog’s skin, a concoction containing many bioactive peptides. These peptides have a broad range of activities related to many potential interesting indications, such as hypertension, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, endocrinology disorders, psoriasis, and many other situations. Frequently new targets are discovered. In in vitro and in vivo models for several disorders, many of these peptides are quite potent, much more potent than the golden standard.
The early and mythological use of Kambô is suggested to be related to a shaman from the Kaxinawa tribe in Brazil.  Kambô was and is used by native Indians from the tribes around the Amazon in various rites, to increase their physical skills.
The above context makes it understandable that Kambô is perceived as a therapy for many different disorders. Within shamanic and healing contexts Kambô is often explicitly referred to as ‘medicine’.
There are several different bio-active peptides in the secretion of frogs from the Phyllomedusinae subfamily, and fundamental work on these peptides has been conducted by the group of Erspamer, starting around 50 years ago in the  60s of last century.
All these Kambô peptides however have indeed impressive endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous system activities.
Frequently new targets of these peptides are described, for instance, phyllomedusin is quite selective for the Neurokinin 1 receptor. This all creates a whole chapter of various disorders where one or more of these peptides could bring meaningful effects in the treatment of a variety of diseases.  The fact that the peptides from the frog’s skin are entering the bloodstream after subdermal application (application via a fresh burn), might indicate that plasma levels after administration could become high. This is probably also the reason why the effects start very soon after the administration of Kambô, within minutes.
Scientifically, Kambo enters the lymphatic system, waking up the body’s natural ability to heal itself on a cellular level. After Kambo, people often see massive energetic shifts in their lives, from dramatic improvements in physical healing to reductions in depression and addictions, to relief from chronic pain, major illnesses, and more.
The peptides discovered by Erspamer (in Kambo) trigger a variety of beneficial chemical reactions in the human body.  Kambo has the ability, unlike many other natural and pharmaceutical substances, to cross the blood-brain barrier, enabling it to reach deep into the body and bring support to otherwise difficult-to-treat areas.  Human cells open up to the beneficial properties of Kambo, unlike many substances that are filtered and eliminated by the body’s highly intelligent defense system. Thus far, researchers have discovered nine peptides, some of which are bio-active – meaning that they perform specific functions in the body. These peptides perform hormone-like tasks while others provide support to vital cellular processes.  Some of these peptides have a potent effect on the gastrointestinal muscles, gastric and pancreatic secretions, blood circulation, and on the stimulation of the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland.   Many peptides have since been isolated from the Kambo secretion and have been synthesized.  As a testament to their medicinal properties, there are over 70 Kambo patents lodged, mainly in the USA.
Kambo also contains certain neuropeptides which are small, protein-like molecules used by the neurons to communicate with each other.  These neuronal signaling molecules are involved in a wide range of brain functions including:
  • analgesia
  • reward
  • food intake
  • metabolism
  • reproduction
  • social behaviors
  • learning
  • memory.
The bioactive peptides and neuropeptides present in Kambo cover a wide range of potential medical uses including:
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • HIV and STDs
  • Migraines
  • Fertility problems
  • Cleanses the liver
  • Organ diseases
  • Fever and infections
  • Vascular insufficiency
  • Resetting the immune system
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Chronic pain with alcohol craving
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and celiac disease
I feel different. I am different. My life has synchronistically altered to reflect all that has opened and continues to evolve inside me. The emptiness I have carried for so very long is now felt as space permeated by air thick with grace and possibility. The chronic, long-standing grief has been lifted. My heart is both full and light. I simply
showed up with the cautious hope that perhaps some of the weight might be left behind. Little did I know that I would be
given so much more. The initial euphoria was accompanied by a vision of my life in stunning clarity with a sense of urgency and direction. The beauty of all things whispering to me that it is not too late. It is not too late to live what matters most. I remember now and have been remembered. And that is the gift and the work of it.”
” My first Kambô session knocked me out I passed out briefly – but it also cleansed my liver and helped me heal a long-term toxic relationship with alcohol. A month after my first Kambô session with Simon, I decided to stop drinking and did so for two years. While I knew it likely wouldn’t be a forever thing, my relationship with alcohol and other substances is forever changed, and the break that my first experience with Kambo helped me to take a chance to reassess my priorities and learn better self-control.”
“Besides having more strength and vitality than I have had since I first became sick 5 years ago, and the pain from my back nerve injury earlier this year completely gone, there is a focus and clarity, a lightness and spaciousness, an otherworldly heightened intuition and perception, a visceral, felt a sense of my soul and energy body and its expansiveness, a quietness of the mind I have only ever previously achieved through hours of meditation, and so much more. You can feel the medicine scanning your body and building up intense pressures in certain areas that need healing. Kambô has an intelligence and plan, and each day, each experience, is unique. On the third and final day of the 3-day course, I was filled with childlike joy; hysterically laughing, and clapping my hands and feet. Somewhere along the way, I learned to stay in line, be quiet, and fit in, so I couldn’t help apologizing for my laughter, then laughing even harder at my absurdity of apologizing for being joyful.”
“You can feel the medicine scanning your body and building up intense pressures in certain areas that need healing. Kambô has an intelligence and a plan.”
1. Jan M Keppel Hesselink. Kambô: A Shamanic Medicine – Personal Testimonies. JOJ Case Stud. 2018
2. Research at Queens University in Belfast recently won a prestigious award for their groundbreaking work with cancer and Kambo

Kambo Contraindications

People with any of the conditions below CCAN NOTsafely take Kambô:
  • Stroke
  • Severe Epilepsy
  • Addison’s disease
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Serious heart problems
  • Aneurysms or blood clots
  • Currently pregnant or maybe so
  • Medication for low blood pressure
  • Breastfeeding a child under 6 months old
  • Immune suppressants for organ transplant
  • Serious mental health problems excluding depression and anxiety
  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for 4-6 weeks afterward
Mental Health History
It is very important to inform the practitioner if you ever have, or are currently suffering from a mental health condition, regardless of whether or not you are taking medication.

Kambo Considerations

Certain situations may require special attention or consideration before, during, or after your treatment. Please inform us (in the hearth form that you will receive by email after you reserve your spot) if you:
  • Have asthma
  • Had surgery recently
  • Use recreational drugs
  •  Are taking any prescription drugs
  • Are you taking birth control pills?
  • Have you recently or currently fasting
  • Have an active drug or alcohol addiction
  • Taking slimming or sleeping suppressants
  • Have abnormally high/low blood pressure
  • Were you born with any heart conditions?
  • Have recently stopped taking any medications
  • Have used Bufo Alvarius in the last two months
  • Had any viral conditions (Lymes, hepatitis, dengue)
  • Take immune suppressants for autoimmune disorders
  • Have done any water fasting before Kambô other than the required fasting
  • Had colonics, enemas, liver flushes, or any water/juice-based detox recently
  • Chronic health issues: (chronic fatigue, arthritis, migraines, thyroid conditions, etc)
  • Are taking, or have recently stopped taking slimming, serotonin, or sleeping supplements

    Kambo Enhance the Effectiveness of Ayahuasca

    You might wonder: ‘Is it not dangerous to combine Kambo & Ayahuasca?’ 
    It’s perfect to do Kambo before your Ayahuasca Ceremony for releasing toxins and cleansing your body.
    Kambo is cleansing you at different levels, the same as in Ayahuasca.  Body, mind & soul. We see that people benefit a lot from their Kambo experience.  The first Ayahuasca Ceremony is often about cleansing and on the second day, you can go deeper. Some people are only busy with cleansing at their first Ayahuasca ceremony. If you do Kambo before your Ayahuasca Experience you have already done cleansing work. So you can do deeper into your healing journey.
    When offered together, Kambo is usually given the day before or several hours before the ayahuasca ceremony. 
    Kambo is:
    – Cleansing your body
    – Toxins are released from your body
    – It can give your energy a boost (not always)
    – There is a better connection with the group
    – Release of stress that you take into the Retreat
    – You are more open up to going into your Ayahuasca Ceremony
    – You will feel the difference immediately after your Kambo session
    – You will feel more safe going into your Ayahuasca Ceremony


Plant Medicine
“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their Souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung
Ayahuasca plant medicine can serve as a powerful tool for healing, as well as spiritual and emotional growth. 
At Inner Flight Retreat, safety, well-being, and healing are of utmost importance to us, and our main goal is to ensure each person gets the most out of an experience with us. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment encompassing all aspects of the healing process.
Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that has been widely known and used as an entheogen(revered plants used as spiritual sacraments) in sacred religious and shamanic practices by approximately 100 indigenous communities in the Amazon, spreading across Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, and Colombia. These people have been caretakers of the Amazon rainforest and their practices with plant medicine are meant to commune them with the ecosystem.
Although its origin is not fully understood, Ayahuasca medicine use dates back to at least 2000 B.C.Some shamans say that the plants themselves told their ancestors how to make the brew.
The word ayahuasca has been translated as “spirit vine”, “vine of the dead” and “vine of the soul”, but this sacred plant medicine has been known by around 42 names.Some of these names are: ” yagé”, “Kamarampi”,” Huni”, “brew”, “daime”, “the tea”, “la purga”, “Chakruna”,”curandera”, “viejo doctorsito”.These already give us a few insights into its use and purpose.
The plant medicine is typically made from the jungle vine Banisteriopsis caapi and other plants, most commonly the leaves of a plant from the coffee
family, Psychotria Viridis. Although shamans in different tribes have varying recipes for it, these two plants contain dimethyltryptamine and harmala alkaloids and when ingested create a biochemical synergy capable of providing a profound alteration in consciousness.
Ayahuasca, when used in the proper setting and under the supervision and guidance of ethical healers can produce mystical experiences and have deep psychological and spiritual impacts on individuals.
This plant teacher is culturally esteemed for its ability to act as a tool that can effect purposeful change in mind/body, stimulate profound reflection and self-actualization, and ultimately lead to emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing, integration, and harmonization.
Although studies suggest that there are minimal physiological risks associated with it, when used in unsafe circumstances it can be psychologically risky. A ceremony context, however, offers psychospiritual protection.
The Shipibo tribe is a well-known and respected indigenous community with a long-known history of plant medicine shamanism. They live in the Amazon Basin in Peru, around the Ucayali River. Their traditions, culture, and practice revolve around their deep connection with the animal, plant, and natural world. Their reverence and respect for the harmonious energy field that encompasses all things are visible everywhere in their daily lives, from the clothes they wear to their jewelry and pottery, which display patterns representative of the oneness of creation. They live in communion with the spiritual world and Nature and their ritual use of Ayahuasca involves a beautiful ceremony in which the Shipibo curandero gently and lovingly guides their patient through the transcendental experience offered by the plant medicine.
The curanderos(healers) usually undergo years of training, diets, and apprenticeship before they can work with the plant teacher and protect the ceremonial space. They guide their patient by accessing the geometric patterns of the plants and revealing them through a chant or Icaro. These healing songs are representations of the fusion of perceived opposites of creation in geometric patterns and during the ceremony, they bring balance and harmony to the patient’s body and energy field.
The energy field is where energetic imprints are stored. These are usually patterns of behavior inherited or acquired very early in life and they shape the way we perceive ourselves, others, and the world. On top of all these programs which may not be centered around self-love and acceptance (and most people’s programs are not), there is also the trauma that can result from many occurrences in our daily life: loss, abuse, attack, accidents, illness, financial struggle, difficult relationships, societal pressures and so on. The combination of energetic imprints and trauma is now widely known as the source of many painful,self-sabotaging behaviors, anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, and physical imbalances.
Ayahuasca can aid us to engage in the transformation of ourselves by engaging our hearts in a direct experience of the emotions and traumas we’ve stored in our subconscious. It can heal the pain and discomfort and release the energy engaged in negative emotions and reactions that hold us apart from who we are, our soul’s purpose, and our Divine birthrights. It can safely return us to a place of peace,self-compassion, understanding, authenticity, presence, and health.
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