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Cacao Ceremony

Sun Moon Healing House
A Cacao Ceremony represents a moment of opening the heart, a moment of connection to your intuition. It is a moment in which we honor this wonderful spirit, Mother Cacao.

The ancient practice

Raw Cacao has been honored and worshipped by indigenous people for thousands of years. Up until the 18th century they were using cacao as a sort of currency. This was equal to gold and, they refer to cacao as the “food of the gods”. It was and still, today is held sacred not only for its amazing health benefits but also as a “medicine of the heart”. They call it “Mama Cacao” because of the loving and nurturing feeling that arises when a ceremonial cup of cacao has been savored. Mayan elders and other indigenous tribes believe that the plant is alive and has a spirit. This spirit is here to help us to open our hearts and to be more loving and gentle. She reminds us of our connection to nature and spirit and the sacredness of life. There is a legend among them, like a prophecy that says: 

“Whenever the earth and humanity are going through great shifts and transformations the spirit of cacao will emerge to support and assist by guiding the people back into their hearts to know the truth within and to heal confusion and trauma caused by false beliefs and disconnection from source and our essence. Everyone who has experienced a cacao ceremony has gotten a sense of the gentle and loving energy and spirit of “Mama Cacao” and the joy and healing she brings to the world. 

The Inner Flight Retreat tribe loves this plant so much and we are so infinitely grateful for all the wounds and traumas that have been healed, the hearts that have been opened, dances that have been danced, and the love and connection that have been shared thanks to the magical weavings of this beautiful plant medicine. 

Today's Cacao Ceremonies

Many native cultures practice Cacao Ceremonies today, handed down by their ancestors. Now, the Cacao Ceremonies that have been adopted in the West have a broader and typically spiritually purpose that can be practiced ritualistically and individually at home, similar to forms of tea meditation.

 But like with the ancients, Cacao Ceremonies are more traditionally performed as a communal group experience, with a trained cacao facilitator or shaman leading the experience to promote inspiration and human connection. 

The cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is not dark chocolate. It’s a precious item that is prepared very carefully to maintain its full range of nutrients. It’s minimally processed and pure — nothing is added or removed. 
The beans are high in magnesium, B-complex vitamins and iron and have more calcium than cow’s milk. Their special ingredient is theobromine, a natural stimulant that’s longer-lasting, milder, and more pleasant than caffeine. Instead of constricting your blood vessels like caffeine does, theobromine expands them.
The process of preparing the Ceremonial Cacao product involves toasting the beans lightly, fermenting them to increase flavor and activate their properties, and removing the skins by hand. 
There are some differences in drink preparation among various shamanic practitioners, but the core recipe remains the same: ground cacao, water, cacao butter, and a bit of natural sweetener like coconut sugar, honey, or agave. Some practitioners add healing herbs or a pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon, rose, vanilla bean, or cayenne pepper. The drink is always served thick, hot, and bitter.