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5 attributes that plant medicine can help you develop.

Would you like to become your best version and live your life's purpose?

Read on and discover 5 attributes that plant medicine can help you develop.

When you decide to work with plant medicine to improve yourself, you are taking care of your body, mind, and soul. Plant medicine can change your behavior in a way that you can embody a higher version of yourself.

I will share with you, what I have identified in my path alongside the plants.

1. Plant medicine can bring clarity to your life path

Traumas and old wounds are a very dense fog. This could make you feel lost and purposeless.

I can tell you that plants know how to deal with these situations. The power of plant medicines can dispel that fog that confuses you. Keep in mind that the work of plants goes beyond this. After removing this fog, they do a job of reconnection and guidance.

Remember that all the necessary answers live in you. And to access them, you must reconnect with your body, mind, heart, and soul. That’s what plants are for, to help you with this reconnection. Furthermore, they are ancient spirits capable of guiding you with their teachings. Thus, it will be easier for you to recognize and follow your life’s purpose.

Once you include plant medicine into your life, you will never again feel like you are fighting alone. Plants are like grandmothers and grandfathers who take care of you and guide you.

2. Plant medicine transforms you into a resilient person

If there is something that plants can teach you, it is to be resilient.

I’ll be honest with you, at times plants are likely to take you to places of physical or emotional discomfort. Yet, this has a clear purpose. Through these tests, plants help you to become patient and persevering. They build up a strong spirit in you.

Thus, the next time you are in a ceremony or session with plant medicine, remember to be patient. One breath at a time and you will navigate the sea of discomfort until you arrive at a lake of calm and peace.

Even if there are uncomfortable moments, perseverance is what will help you show up again. So, that the plants can keep working on you. Keep cool, you’ll get stronger every time.

Do you agree with me that these qualities are important when it comes to achieving your dreams and goals? You may also have realized that these attributes are useful so that you can enjoy life to the full.

These are some of the rewards that plant medicine gives you for your effort.

3. Plant medicine awakens your wisdom

This is one of my favorites because I see it as the center of everything.

The wisdom that plants awaken in you, teaches you that love is the most important thing. Although it sounds like a cliche, it is so. And to be more specific, the most important thing is self-love. It’s not about selfishness, nor about not loving others. In fact, by practicing self-love, you will improve in all aspects of your life. Thus, you will be able to love others healthily.

Your inner wisdom will also make you develop empathy towards yourself and others. In this way, you can learn to forgive and accept yourself and others. Your wisdom will teach you to understand that everyone has a struggle. Everyone, including you, is doing the best they can. As a result, you will be able to free yourself from the great weight of judgments, anger, and pain.

Besides, your inner wisdom will strengthen your intuition and analytical capacity. You will be able to identify when the best times are to take certain steps in your life and how to do it.

As soon as the plants awaken your wisdom, you will improve your behavior. This will reflect on your way of thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting. And many people will notice these positive changes.

Are you are already realizing the great teachers that plants are?

4. Plant medicine teaches you to accept life as it is

Humans, by nature tend to avoid uncomfortable situations that we classify as “bad”.

Has it happened to you that you have been afraid of making mistakes? Many times, we would like to have all the answers before taking a step and not make mistakes. This arises from the rejection we have towards discomfort. Yet, in this way, we are rejecting a part of our existence, a part of our experience in this world.

Both the comfortable and the uncomfortable are part of the human experience. And both are valuable for your growth.

When you find yourself in a plant medicine ceremony, as an Ayahuasca one. You will realize that the non-acceptance of reality only wears you out. This is when the plant teachers tell you: “hey, breathe and relax. Stop hurting yourself with so many fake illusions. Learn what the present moment is trying to teach you for your own good”.

Accepting life in all its extensions will make you a self-confident person. You will be able to walk without the weight of fear of being wrong. You will know that everything has a lesson for your good.

5. Plant medicine recharges your motivation

After you and the plants do the great work of purification, motivation will fill you up. At this point, the plants will have stirred up so much stagnant energy from you. Then, you’ll be ready to fill that space with motivation and inspiration.

Plant medicine is there to help you to let go of the old that weighs you down. Then, you will be ready to experience a reconnection with your creative force and sense of purpose.

I have seen several people who, after working with plant medicine, have resumed dreams, undertaken new projects, received travel opportunities, etc. This is because they got a clear energetic space for their soul’s desires to shine through. And you too can have the opportunity to experience this.

As you may have seen, plants are teachers, doctors, or trainers, whatever you prefer to call them. Their gifts are excellent tools for you, to become the best version of yourself and live your purpose.

Many blessings to you.


Adrian E.Z. | Copywriter, Coach, and Facilitator for the Inner Fligth Retreat

IG: @adrianez13

TW: @adrianez13